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Gorwel Newydd

Rhyl, LL18 4TN

Telephone: 0800 183 5757

Our promise


We believe home matters and a home should be more than just four walls and a roof. Our resident charter sets out our commitment to deliver excellent services and is Our Promise to our residents.


We will ensure that our colleagues are accountable in the delivery of Our Promise. We will do this by recruiting and delivering training with a focus on our core values of hope trust and kindness and our commitment to deliver Our Promise 



Make sure your home is safe, secure, and well-maintained.

The safety of our residents and their homes is our main priority, and we take our regulatory obligations, compliance, and management of associated risks seriously.

We promise to provide our residents with a good quality, safe and well-maintained homes. Our maintenance team continue to work through our Safety-First approach to carry out emergency and essential repairs to our residents’ homes.

We will continue to ensure the safety our residents’ homes is a priority by making it easy for our residents to report concerns about building safety, residents can report any concerns or repairs through our housing team, by email, over the phone or our portal


Make sure your home is affordable and support you with income and welfare advice.

We believe everyone should be able to afford to live in a safe, secure and well-maintained home. In 2019 we committed to a zero evictions policy, and we work closely with our residents to support any housing issues that arise. We understand that all our residents’ circumstances vary so having a flexible approach allows us to provide the best service for our residents.

We recently created a new affordable rent policy which takes into consideration our residents’ views, circumstances, and income: creating a benchmark for all rents.

We not only share advice to our residents for income and welfare, but we also offer support whenever we see our residents need help. We will continue to support through; using our president funding, offering initiatives with our partners and sign posting residents to external agencies to ensure they are getting the correct entitlement and support they need.

We continue to achieve no evictions into homelessness and have not served any notices of intended possession to our residents for any reason during this financial year.

Making sure service charges are fair and provide value for money.

 Each year we will update our residents with a service charge breakdown, this follows consultation showing what charges are included in the service charge calculations. These will be based on what we expect the expenditure to be for the upkeep of the internal and external common areas of your scheme.

We will work with our residents to ensure their views are heard with the service we provide. Resident feedback will be considered in the planning of any future services provided and will be essential while going out for tender with our external partners.

We have introduced a rent brochure which details each element of the service charge to improve accountability and transparency. 

Provide excellent service and let you know how we are performing on essential maintenance, repairs and safety.


We are always looking at how we can offer the most efficient housing service to our residents, ensuring we have ease of access to contact us. We want to support residents to access our online portal MyClwydAlyn. Our resident portal, MyClwydAlyn allows our residents to manage their tenancy, check the rent balance, pay rent and report repairs easily and at a time that suits. We understand that not everyone is digitally confident and would prefer to speak to one of our colleagues direct. We have our award-winning customer service team, happy to help with any query.

Our aim is to give our colleagues the trust to deal with our resident enquiries at first contact whenever this is possible, if we are unable to do this will keep our residents up to date on the progress of enquiries. 

Our Social media channels are forever growing and are regularly updated with useful information; important changes or dates coming up and of course we like to share all the fun things we have going on across the organisation. 

Through Our Promise we will share our performance, we will keep you all updated each year on how our services are running and continue to work with residents, colleagues and partners to make improvements where needed.

Make sure your voice is heard, listen to your feedback, and deal with complaints quickly and fairly.

We understand the value of strong customer engagement, we use a varied approach to gain our resident’s feedback; allowing us to obtain a diverse response. Listening to our resident views allows us to continue to learn and improve our service we provide.

We will continue to listen by:

Star trend survey Our survey is conducted externally, this allows us to gather our resident perspective on our services we provide, we can see through the data what is important to our residents, we can see where we are performing well but this also highlights any areas of improvement needed.

Influence Us – Our resident volunteers help to shape and improve the services we provide by contributing their feedback; the group of residents share their views through focus groups and surveys.

Complaints panel – both our colleagues and resident volunteers make up our complaints panel with the focus to listen and learn from resident feedback if things go wrong. Allowing us to ensure we not only fix any current issue but can work on prevention in the future. We will do this by being transparent and honest with you about the challenges we face as an organisation and what we do to overcome them.      Our Complaints Panel was awarded 1st place for ‘Involving Tenant in Shaping Services’

Resident committee - The Resident Committee is there to ensure the voices of residents are heard and contribute to the shaping of ClwydAlyn. Our resident committee members attend meetings, away days and training that helps the committee challenge, feedback on and influence resident engagement and services provided to Residents.

We will continue to act by:

Considering the feedback gained from our residents and using it to deliver changes across the organisation were needed. We will share the outcomes and actions taken from our resident feedback, to be open and transparent with all our residents.

We will continue to encourage our residents to share their views through our varied resident feedback opportunities. We aim in increasing the number of Influences Us volunteers to increase our resident perspective.

Through these different processes we aim to build resident engagement and continuous improvement across all our services.


Spend money wisely and tell you how we spend it so that you can hold us to account.

Our relationship with our residents will be based on trust, hope and Kindness: with a culture based on being honest and transparent.

Support you to live well in your home, so that you can live the life you choose in a safe and connected community.

We want everyone in North Wales to have access to excellent quality housing, and we want to work with partners to address the causes and impacts of poverty. In turn helping to enrich our communities by giving support where it’s needed, whether that’s helping people to get back into work, combating social isolation, supporting residents in fuel poverty, or providing access to nutritious food.

Make sure we are well run and financially sustainable so we can continue to tackle poverty.

We review all aspects of the business during our Business Planning to ensure services are providing value for money and considers affordability in its rent setting and Service Charges. We engage meaningfully with Residents to review services and work with the Resident Committee to improve our performance

Our Value for Money approach is designed to ensure we make value-based decisions about every pound we spend and to maximise the resources we have available to contribute to our purpose of “beating poverty”.

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