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Housing Day 2020

Housing Day is a day where we look at the stories of individuals helped and supported by housing organisations in many ways - there are so many different people from all sorts of backgrounds that housing organisations help to ensure they have a safe and secure home.

We spoke to a few residents which all had different experiences and whom were in different circumstances.


Cherrell, Llys Raddington Extra Care Scheme

“Before I came to Llys Raddington, I was living in sheltered accommodation. My flat was very run down and dated. I always felt very isolated and my neighbours were not very nice.

My support worker suggested that I apply for Llys Raddington as it would help to improve my mental health having more people around and help on hand if I ever needed it. We came to view the show flat and I was sold!

I moved in in March of this year and it was the best move I have ever made. Everything is better here! Even in lockdown!

Everyone was so welcoming when I first moved in and I have made lots of friends.

Before I moved here, I relied of taxis or friends to get from place to place but here I am more independent as everything I need is on the doorstep!

I have had to deal with the loss of close family in my time here. Had I still been in my previous flat, it would have knocked me for six. I have been able to cope with it much better than I would have done.

The food is too good here! I’ve put on a bit of weight since moving in.

I am grateful to all the staff here for how well they have worked to keep us safe during the covid pandemic.

What I enjoy most about living here is the security and friendships I’ve made whilst still being independent. It has greatly improved my mental wellbeing too!”


Damian, Adapted property

"I was living with my parents until ClwydAlyn found a property that was able to be fully adapted for me. These adaptions have helped a massive amount from having a walk in shower and wet room to having a lowered counter to help ease the use of kitchen appliances. These adaptations that have been installed have really helped me live independently in a safe and secure environment."


Kim, Rent to Own

"The rent to buy scheme has made a huge difference for us as we can afford to save for a deposit whilst renting. And with us being able to buy the house between two and five years it has given us a timescale and goal to work towards. We are really happy with the service too as ClwydAlyn has been really helpful throughout. Especially having to move during a pandemic, we were so pleased that we were still able to move in. Thanks for everything."


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